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Offsite Wood is the cornerstone of a nonprofit BIM initiative to provide high quality, lean, and efficient content to designers and specifiers worldwide.

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Market-fresh BIM content

We build lean and efficient Revit families for use in your studio workflows, and all the accessories too, from textures, to detailing, to template files and sustainability data updates. Our download area can carry even more than the plug-in, so be sure to check back and see what’s new!
Offsite Wood - Mass Timber Floors Stream

Your criteria define a stream of BIM content before you download

The Offsite Wood plugin for Revit lets you define criteria that will narrow the field of options while educating users about differentiators in a young and varied industry. Content is organized in three dynamic and easy-to-navigate streams : Glulam Post and Beam, Mass Timber Floor Assemblies, and Custom Enclosure Systems.

Modular/Volumetric Assemblies are coming soon!
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Request a tailored response to wood-specific preconstruction questions

Our support portal lets you request a variety of helpful services and information. Your requests will be handled by real people at a vendor-neutral nonprofit dedicated to the success of the timber construction industry.
During the beta development phase of our early phase embodied carbon estimator (the CarbonFixers app), special scenarios for your project can be requested here as well. Our aim will always be to respond within 24 hours.​
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Offsite Wood - Custom Wood-Framed Enclosure Systems
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We respect studio and client

The Offsite Wood team will never spam you, your studio, or your clientele, and no user data is sold, individually or in aggregate. Our privacy policy was built to EU standards from day one. We do want to prove regional market interest in emerging wood technologies so we can guide publically funded research, and help our members decide where to invest their efforts. Your downloads can help the cause!​
To see a full copy of the EU-level privacy policy or an example of our aggregated and anonymized market activity map, contact us here

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Carbon Fixers
A carbon benefit calculation service is being developed in parallel based on public sector Canadian expertise, and will be continuously updated. Content is precise for manufacturing and procurement, but easy to use for design, and includes guidance tools and design assist options to optimize for offsite prefabrication.
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