Timber Curtain Wall

Timber curtain walls are a sophisticated option, both in BIM and in your actual building.  The mix of materials, and the fact that the timber mullions act as a structural element in the building, make it a challenge to specify this system for the first time.  Our customized Revit content gives a handsome visual while educating about the system options.  The associated system manufacturers will be able to give a better design assist and budgetary pricing when their parameters and dimensions have been given a “head start” with this custom content pack that includes families, details, and specifications.

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What's in these files?

Container file

The timber curtain wall container file is a template from which the architect can copy and clip exactly what he or she would like to use on a project, while seeing the whole range of options and parameters for the system itself.  Educational text and visual diagrams enrich the container file for this challenging mixed assembly.

Acoustic Detailing for Timber Systems

Level of Detail can be varied to present either the basic plan information during early schematic, or to go into higher fidelity during design development by showing the actual profiles of glazing and gaskets, and the actual laminations and wood grain of the timber mullion.

Specs for the assemblies

A full three-part specification and outline specs are both in final review for presentation here in .doc format and also formatted for use in data-driven spec engines for firms who use RIB (formerly BSD SpecLink) Please let us know if you would like advance copy or assistance by requesting specification assist (here).